What kind of business do I have? 

Most people think about how large their business is.  But, just as important is what type of business you have.  For instance, a financial services firm has very different needs from their phone system than a small retail flower shop or restaurant.  



Is my business a traditional "desk job" environment?

Accounting, software development, recruiting, legal, financial services.  RCA phones are used in hundreds of thousands of small businesses just like yours.  And RCA corded desk phones can connect up to 16 desks to easily build a small system.  No specialty hardware needed.  Just plug in and get back to work!


What about a retail store or small restaurant?  

A couple of cordless handsets?   What if you want a few desk phones for the front counter?   Mix and match a desk phone in a back office, a wall-mounted phone for behind the counter and cordless handsets for your employees  roaming the store.  


What about phone jacks?  

They never seem to be in the right place.  Rather than taping a phone cord to the floor, why not use an RCA wireless desk phone?  They pair in seconds and your employees will thank you!