“My Favorite Cordless Phone Ever.”

I started out with the 4-line model about 5 years ago, it is still working great. I bought this 2-line phone about 2 years ago and it still works great. I bought one for my uncle too and he loves it. And now I am buying one for my dad.  I like the cordless because I can clip it to my belt behind my back and I sometimes forget I have it back there. I can answer calls all the way to my mail box which is 100 yards away. The battery lasts 2 days easy.

— B., Gold Hill, CO

“Great Phone System.”

Not a single complaint, easy to setup, easy to customize, great sound quality and I love that you can set different ring tones and volumes so as not to be blown away when using multiple phones in a small office space. Very pleased and happy to share my opinion about a superior product!

— Anonymous, Haverford, PA


"We don't have time to worry about phones.  Thankfully, RCA has done all of that for us. "

— T.B, Granada Hills, CA


“Major Improvement.”

"We just upgraded from a 25 year old telephone system and this is a major difference. Replacement systems would have cost us almost $10,000 but this system easily fit our needs and our budget all together costing us about $400."

— Home of Peace, Oakland, CA

“Excellent two-line phones."

We bought this for our home office - we have two lines and it was nice to be able to add the handsets in any room we choose without any issue at all. Works great. We have the base unit in the office and 4 of these handsets in rooms around the house. I like that they don't take up much room. They are 4-5 years old and a great value and product.

— Jackie, Detroit, MI


“Stellar, professional service.”

We've had opportunity to deal with RCA's customer service people on two separate occasions and both times the help that we've gotten has been great!  Seems like this isn't so common these days, glad to see it when it happens!

— L.I.

“2 thumbs way up!”

I use an R.C.A. desk phone in my home office and the cordless phone that comes with it doubles as a home phone for my family.  The cordless phones take a lot of abuse and keep going.  My desk phone is great, too.  The speakerphone is unbelievable.